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Be consistent with exercise? Know which foods are actually healthy?
Eliminate Stress / Emotional Eating? Have enough time to cook healthy meals?
Connect with God throughout your day? Stay motivated to make healthy choices?

If so, You're at the right place. We focus on 3 main areas:


Our workouts include upbeat Christian music & inspirational messages. We have all types of workouts for all fitness levels.


All the recipes, videos, and tips and tricks you need to get more confident in the kitchen, and eating healthier than ever.


When God is at the center of your fitness plan you will be transformed from the inside out.

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That’s Right! The Premium Membership is now just $5.97 a month! For less than $0.20 a day you can get all the tools. That’s a whole lot less than joining a gym & hiring a nutrition coach!


“I used to exercise because I hated my body, now I exercise because I love it”



“I’m finally free from my sugar addiction.  I love water and don’t miss soda!” 



“I used to think of God only on Sunday. Now I know He’s with my everywhere I go.”


Your Membership Includes The Faithful Workouts App

Our app puts all the amazing resources in your pocket so you can reach your health goals even faster. Access workouts, healthy recipes, and spiritual encouragement on the go.  

Our app calendar suggests workout videos, scripture readings, and a place to record your goals.  When you complete your workout you will see a ✔️ on each date so you can keep track of your monthly workouts.

If you want to head out for a walk you can take a FW podcast with you to keep you inspired. 

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Faithful Workouts & The Fresh Table air on the NRB Station on Directv. The shows that have helped 1000's are NOW AVAILABLE through this online membership 24/7. Watch an episode

The Fresh Table

Faithful Workouts


“I used to exercise because I hated my body. Now I exercise because I love it. I've now lost 60 lbs. and my recent lab work came bak normal, no longer prediabetic”
“I didn’t realize I had a deep root that God needed to pluck out and God did that at the FW Retreat - Totally surprised me! It changed my life. ”
“I used to think about God only on Sunday, now He is with me everywhere I go. The workouts and cooking videos remind me to keep my eyes on God.”
“Workouts have been phenomenal. The words of the worship music with Yoga allowed me to connect with God in a way I haven’t in a long time”
“I read a daily challenge and my heart leapt to do a FW retreat. Had I not come, I would not know I am a child of God and I am now free from fear!”
“I've been a FW Fan for over 10 years. The music & messages in the workouts helps me to start my day off on the right foot. At 52 I feel as good as I did in my 20's”
“I used to start my day with coffee and then move on to coke. I looked at sweets as a daily reward. I'm finally free from my sugar addiction”
“It’s been powerful and inspiring! Focusing on my health & getting right with God has been absolutely amazing! I am consistently making healthier choices.”
“I’ve always been kind of shy keeping Jesus to the side, but now I am I am proud and bold to say that Jesus is my Savior!”

About Our Founder

Michelle Spadafora

In 2009, after 25 years in the fitness industry, I founded Faithful Workouts to create a community where people could feel welcomed just as they are and invest in their health, both physically and spiritually. 

My greatest passion is to see people living full of physical and spiritual strength, excited to go and share the love and truth of Jesus with others. I lived the first 40 years of my life without knowing the “Good News”. I know how hard it is to try and muscle through life on your own. I believe the most loving thing I can do is to tell others that God loves them, He’s there to help them, and with His help there’s nothing they can’t do!

I am far from perfect, but every day I am learning how to follow God more deeply and be the best version of myself. I want nothing more than for you to do the same. I can’t wait to guide you on your journey to better health!


✔️Cooking delicious, healthy food that fuels your body

✔️Having strength & energy

✔️Living with more JOY and PEACE

✔️Saying goodbye to emotional eating

✔️Looking forward to exercise

✔️Believing ALL things are possible through Christ! 

We want to help you get there!  Save time. Be healthy. Grow closer to God.  

The Faithful Workouts Premium Membership is now just $5.97 a month!
For less than $0.20 a day you can get all the tools you need for physical and spiritual health. That’s a whole lot less than joining a gym & hiring a nutrition coach!

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