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Faithful Workouts isn’t just a community working to get stronger together physically and spiritually, we are also a ministry spreading the good news of Christ and as 501 (c)(3), we rely on donations to carry out our mission. We are so thankful God is leading you to consider supporting our ministry.  Your tax-deductible donation will allow us to continue to inspire and equip others to get physically and spiritually fit. We believe physical health is important, but we know that spiritual health will have an impact that lasts forever.

We want to continue to be able to offer top-notch workouts and nutritional resources to the masses, all while doing it from a Christ-centered perspective.  If you’ve been blessed by our ministry, we’d love for you to consider making a donation, no matter how big or small. When you donate to Faithful Workouts, you really are helping us to reach the masses for Jesus!

Every Dollar Counts

Jesus said “It is more blessed to give than to receive”. We are told throughout the Bible to “give” and I truly believe it’s because God wants us to live fully. When we selflessly give to others it does something wonderful to our hearts. Your support of this ministry means the world to us!

Want to donate using your credit card? When you fill out the form below you can choose to donate once, or schedule a recurring donation. Our donor system is secure, and your credit card will not be used for anything other than your specified donation. Of course, your donation is also tax deductible, and you can donate with your card or by sending in a check to the address below. Thank you, and God bless!!

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Faithful Workouts 

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Hear what others have to say about Faithful Workouts!

I noticed that on the days that I exercise with you it helps me to focus my thoughts on the Lord for the rest of the day — with enough energy for the work He has called me to do. – JoAnne

I have a special needs child, almost five years old, that will come out in the morning and try some of the workout. Yesterday He mentioned to me again that you were talking about God. This led to a conversation and he prayed with me for Jesus to come into his heart. This was his first willing out loud prayer with me. You are getting the message out so blessings to you. – Jackie

I can NOT believe how strong I’ve become in less than a month! Thank you! Thank you!! We home school and have incorporated this workout every morning at 9:30!! Recently, I lost a great friend in a car accident and each day, you seemed to say exactly what my heart was crying…truly anointed!! – Tina

You can also help support Faithful Workouts by purchasing items from our store!

In our store, we sell tons of great items to help you on your physical and spiritual health journey! We’ve got exercises DVDs for all fitness levels, we’ve got inspirational and uplifting shirts, exercise equipment, books, home school resources and much more! We put a lot of thought behind everything we sell in our store, and we consider helping to support Faithful Workouts in this way while getting something great for yourself as well!

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