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Hi Friend! 
My name is Wendy and I’m so excited you’re checking into coaching as a way to grow this year!  Whether you’re starting here as a way to jump fully into the journey of total health or feel like you need the extra accountability; I’m here to cheer you on every step of the way!  

A BIT ABOUT ME, My Background and training: 
I’ve been serious about my own fitness & health journey since the early 2000s (I’m 38!) but in the fitness industry as a Pro for over 12 years (2008).  My commitment to training began when I was personally battling weight gain and proper nutrition knowledge in my college years. Not knowing what other ‘gimmick diet’ to try I resolved to work 1on1 with a personal trainer training  for 9 mos. and got into the best shape of my life!

Seeing what good training and proper nutrition could be like I personally went from an unhealthy 8/10 to a 2 including reducing my body fat from 28% to 11% and started training for competition in the early 2000s.

 7 years later after staying in shape through career changes, moves, relationship highs and lows; I was certified in 2008 as a NASM Personal trainer & Group fitness instructor. Coaching a variety of clients from 1on1 to group classes, my fitness journey continued to expand.  In 2014, I was certified with Orangetheory Fitness & coached in various locations until early 2017.

Still having a passion for fitness I’ve been able to bring this passion for helping others reach their goals while also maintaining a healthy life-balance. Opening a gym in Australia with a friend in Summer of 2016 was probably one of my funnest adventures, but whether it’s motivating an entire room through an hour of high-energy and fast moving cardio, rowers & weight room exercises OR 1on1 training and success through eating plans and workout programs; getting a chance to impact people’s live to help them walk into their future in FULL Health has been the greatest privilege! 

In addition to fitness, I hold a Film & Media degree from BIOLA University, along with a minor in Bible. As freelancer my career has allowed me to help non-profits tell stories through media & events for years, which is how I met Faithful Workouts! 

Education: BA in Radio/TV/FILM, with a minor in Bible BIOLA University, 2003

Fitness Certifications include

  • NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine in 2008, 2011, & again in 2014) 
  • AAI/ISMA Group Training & Kickboxing 2008
  • Bootcamp Intl 2008
  • Orangetheory Fitness Group Coaching in 2014

While I grew up in a faith based home, it wasn’t really until after college where I really got serious about my relationship with the Lord. Because of this journey, I am passionate about Jesus and seeing others cultivate a deeper relationship with HIM! 

Helping others to understand and see their value and worth based off WHO God says they are, not just a number on the scale or size of pants is one of my deepest passions. I truly believe that through a relationship with Jesus we can live and experience the impossible. In fact, my life’s verse is Eph 3:20 “He can do immeasurably more than ALL you could ask or imagine through his Power working within you!” I believe this is our permission to dream God sized dreams!  What better way to chase after those dreams than with God in the center of them.

I am passionate about worship as part of my faith and cannot get enough good music from Bethel to Hillsong to Elevation.  ADVENTURES call my name often, so I will be the first person to want to travel for a fun adventure or challenge, but because I love people, I will also want to dive deep right away in conversation to hear and learn what makes you tick or things you think about and are passionate about.  I love the beach & the sun. I love water sports & extreme sports, but offer me a chance to travel to a nearby city (whether its NYC or Seattle and places between) and Im in!

Lastly, I am passionate about family and love mine dearly – I’m an aunt of 4 & still close with my parents & siblings!  


Navigating life can be hard enough when you don’t know how to manage the day to day with fitness & health in mind. I also believe part of staying healthy starts with the battlefield of the mind.  If our minds don’t believe we can be successful with God’s help then oftentimes we will fail. With accountability, realistic daily goals (so you can daily achieve them) and a plan for success it IS possible to train for that marathon, reach that goal (even when its audacious) or grow deeper in your faith, learn to trust God and be equipped with what he has for you. 

Finding success in fitness or health is so much more than that – You have to believe you’re worth investing in! Overcoming my own struggle (see the story here ) I’ve been able to find freedom and value IN Jesus and fully step into that! 

I am passionate about others experiencing this same freedom and while I can easily give you tools to manage a “plan” for your fitness and health; my hope is that we can look at life as a whole and make it ALL fit together!  When life gets hard we don’t just get to call it quits, so I want to come alongside you and your journey to work through the process.

This is going to be awesome & I look forward to meeting you!


“He could do immeasurably more than all we could ask or imagine through His Power at work within us” Ephesians 3:20